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Head of the BMI Lab

  • Tsiknakis Manolis, Ph.D., Visiting Research Professor, Computational BioMedicine Lab, FORTH

Collaborating Researchers

Software Engineers

Postgraduate students

Undergraduate students

  • Adam Giannis
    • Thesis: “Development of an app for measuring Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability using wearable sensors
  • Gialelaki Irini
    • Thesis: “Design and development of an embodied conversational agent (ECA) and its application for improving the well-being of cancer patients
  • Kalogeraki Maria
    • Thesis: “Pain detection through bio – signal analysis
  • Karakatsanov Maxim
    • Thesis: “Online and interactive visualization of multiple gene regulatory networks
  • Katsanevakis Aris
    • Thesis: “Usage of deep learning techniques for the development of predictive models for future disease risks by analyzing data from patients’ electronic health records
  • Mamouridou Panagiota
    • Thesis: “Design and Development an environment for a Personal Electronic Health Record
  • Papadaki Maria
    • Thesis: “Analysis of freezing of gait (FOG) using smart wearable insoles
  • Stavrakakis Marinos
    • Thesis: “Development of an app for assessing the user’s cognitive ability
  • Strataki Despina
    • Thesis: “Architectures and platforms for connected smart objects