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Laboratory profile

The Biomedical Informatics & eHealth Laboratory (BMI Lab) is a highly innovative and self-contained research unit which resides at the Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the Hellenic Mediterranean University (HMU). The laboratory is strongly involved in R&D in the fields of Biomedical Informatics, Intelligent Health Information systems and Clinical Decision Support Systems.  Although a relative young laboratory it has an internationally acknowledged excellence in conducting high quality scientific research and developing innovative Information Technology (IT) applications, products and services.

The BMI lab has developed collaborations with various departments and research organizations within HMU, the Computational BioMedicine Laboratory of FORTH/ICS, the Medical School of the University of Crete, other international Universities and Institutions, as well as the Industry.  Most of the activities of the laboratory are based on international collaborations in the framework of European and nationally funded projects. Over the last years the BMI Laboratory has been involved in several European or National funded projects. The Laboratory is also contributing to the development of national and regional strategic plans for the information society and innovation and also plays a vital role in the introduction of health information technologies in the region of Crete.

The BMI and eHealth Laboratory is also responsible of, or is contributing in, teaching courses offered at both undergraduate and postgraduate level (e.g. eHealth and mHealth Technologies, Research Methodologies and Project Management etc). A number of diploma thesis and graduate thesis are developed per year under the supervision of the academic or other qualified staff of the laboratory.

The laboratory is coordinated by Prof. Manolis Tsiknakis, who is Professor of “Biomedical Informatics and eHealth” at the Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering of HMU and an affiliate researcher at the Computational Medicine Laboratory of FORTH/ICS. The Laboratory is focusing on various aspects of biomedical informatics, such as:


  • Semantic integration and analysis of multilevel biomedical data
  • Design and development of novel decision support techniques, algorithms, tools and systems
  • Affective Computing
  • Design of intelligent systems for the recognition of human activities
  • Personalized Healthcare Services and mHealth Systems