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The department

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is a five-year (5-year) course and covers the fields of Energy, Electronic Control, Telecommunications and Computers. It is a highly dynamic Department that aspires to provide the necessary training and equip future Engineers with the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience to become the highly qualified and highly qualified executives who will serve science and industry tomorrow. Students acquire theoretical knowledge and technical training in the cognitive areas treated by the department, develop oral and written communication skills as well as teamwork. The curriculum of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers three separate subprograms:

  • Electricity Systems
  • Electronics, Systems and Computers
  • Telecommunications and Information Technology

The Department of Informatics Engineering covers the fields of IT, Communications and Multimedia, all of crucial importance to the emerging Information Society.
It is a rather dynamic and ambitious Department, aiming at offering the education and preparation of future IT Engineers, in order for them to become specialized professionals of high standard and serve the IT, Communications and Multimedia technologies.

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering has remarkable research infrastructures, which are constantly improved by the statutory laboratories and the efforts of the faculty members, in order to finance research from national and European sources.
In addition to education, students are also actively involved in research in the department. Most undergraduate and postgraduate students of the department prepare their Diploma and Postgraduate Thesis in the framework of research laboratories, participating in research and development activities.
The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering has been pursuing Postgraduate Programs in Engineering since 2012 and has graduated from more than 120 Postgraduate Diplomas.
The department has developed a number of formal collaborations with other Higher Education Institutions of Greece and abroad in the context of postgraduate research, co-teaching and a joint degree and research and development projects.