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Hellenic Mediterranean University

The Hellenic Mediterranean University (HMU), ex Technological Education Institute of Crete, has a history of about 40 years, that of the Technological Educational Institution of Crete, and offers high quality undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Informatics and Engineering Sciences, Health, Agriculture and Food, Economics and Management and Environment . HMU through its heritage is consistently valued as a leading among its peers in research and enjoys recognition for its direct contribution to the development of Crete and Greece. HMU’s Academic and Research staff has extensive scientific activities in collaboration with national and international research teams that have led to significant research results, on the one hand, and the development of innovative products with internationally recognition. HMU, through its legacy, is high ranked in Greece’s highest-ranked universities in research publications and records an impact index that exceeds the global average.

The above proves HMU’s excellent position in Research and Development (R&D) among Greek higher education institutions. The basic and applied Research at HMU focuses on cutting-edge research areas in engineering, health sciences, environmental and materials sciences, economics, and social sciences. Research at HMU is organized in Research Laboratories, each of which conducts basic and applied research, focusing on thematic areas as well as interdisciplinary thematic areas, developing novel products and providing services. The laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and are staffed with specialized scientific and technical staff.

HMU systematically and actively seeks to exploit the results of the R&D projects either through patents, or by providing services and rights of use to national or international industries for specific products, or finally by concluding contracts for joint development of new products.

The newly established Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the School of Engineering of the HMU is an interdisciplinary research entity in the field of Basic and Applied Research that covers the geographical and thematic boundaries of many HMU schools. It incorporates activities of seven previously independent laboratories i.e., i) Laboratory of Energy and Photovoltaic Systems (LEPS), ii) Center of Materials Technology and Photonics (CEMATEP), iii) Laboratory of Applied and Interactive Computing (LATiCe), iv) Laboratory of Media, Networks and Communications, v) Intelligent Systems and Computer Architecture Lab (I.S.C.A. Lab), vi) Laboratory of Applied and Computational Mathematics, vii) Artificial Intelligence and Systems Engineering  Lab (AISE). The above labs coordinate their efforts to address complex challenges in the fields of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The research laboratories of the newly established Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering have international recognition for conducting high quality scientific research and for developing innovative applications in Electrical, Electronics, Nanotechnology, Information and Communication (ICT) products and services. The department hosts several postgraduate students, doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers. It has significant national and international research collaborations and has received significant funding for his research activities.